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Why Are Fewer Corporations Blogging?

Kevin McNulty (@netweave), an esteemed friend and colleague in the industry (I can see his eyes rolling — he’s so humble), asked me for my thoughts on this week’s Marketing Profs Report showing that Social Media usage among Inc. 500 companies was up, while blogging was down. Although I am far from a bandwagon jumper,…

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5 Ways Content is Experiencing Its Own Health Reform

During a recent project, I got a crash course in Healthcare Reform. Not ObamaCare but rather the undercurrent of initiatives causing a major paradigm shift in the industry. To survive the shift, healthcare entities will have to marry new-school technologies with old-school industry values.  And, the key initiatives, when stripped down, are strikingly familiar. That’s…

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What Makes Content Effective?

Like all marketing efforts, Content Marketing has one ultimate goal — to produce new customers or clients. That’s a given. However, HOW content achieves this goal is a different story. In fact, there is no one magic recipe for creating effective content that sells. That’s actually what makes Content Marketers’ jobs so much stinkin’ fun! Content has to be…

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Content Marketing: 5 New Rules We Can’t Ignore

This week I had the surreal honor of attending Content Marketing World 2011 in Cleveland. I say “surreal” because I was surrounded by people who didn’t just chant “Content is King.” These people are actually running the kingdom. The overall message that emerged from the conference was simple but refreshing: Keep it Real. Make it…

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Content Approval in Gridlock? How to Break the Cycle.

The creative process in Corporate America can be chock full of…oh…shall we say…”challenges.” Last week I heard a respected colleague mention that the challenges of gaining project approvals are even worse now because of the economy. Seriously? Don’t worry. I’m not about to jump on the “blame the economy” bus. But, I will say that the…

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Is Your B2B Content Getting the Mileage it Deserves?

Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers are forever chasing the challenge of publishing valuable, relevant content to their blogs and websites. And for good reason. Companies with blogs gather 68% more leads than those without blogs (HubSpot). Those who turn a standard blog into a well-produced, highly-relevant content machine may even see that number rise to a whopping…

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