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Marketing  & Sales are worlds apart...

Close The Gap.
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Lock Eyes With Your Buyer

Speak their language, solve their problem
and become a valued partner before the sale even begins.

Personalize the Content

Broad-brush content won't cut it. Your sales conversation is customized and personal. Your sales content should be, too.

Nurture the Relationship

Prospects are in "research mode" long before making a decision.
Don't deliver content that helps you sell.
Deliver content that helps them decide.

Content Marketing

your buyers will actually use

Why Most B2B Content is Failing The Sales Team

By Deana Goldasich

Marketing teams have been cranking out content for decades now — trying to generate demand, generate leads and generate a bond with their sales brothers and sisters. So why aren’t sales teams swooning over each new shiny content publication? Is it off the mark? Is it unusable? Is it just not enough? The answer: All…

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Why the Line Between Marketing & Sales Gets Blurrier Every Year

By Deana Goldasich

It’s a gross understatement to say that the B2B sales, marketing and content landscape has shifted. In fact, the lines between sales, marketing and content are blurrier than ever. Here’s why… Leads Don’t Equal Sales Yup. You read that right. In complex B2B sales cycles, the decision can involve multiple people at various levels in…

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Why We’re Flipping the Funnel

By Deana Goldasich

Start talking about leads-focused content marketing and someone’s bound to whip out a version of the sales funnel. The team at Well Planned Web has one too. In fact, it’s been at the core of our content methodology for years. We work primarily with clients that have a complex sales cycle of six months or longer. Content must meet…

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Why the “Mad Dash” to Content is Coming to an End

By Deana Goldasich

It’s no secret that Content Marketing has been the “mad-dash marketing” theme in recent years. For good reason. Content Marketing works when done right — especially for B2B marketers looking to help prospects research a complex product or service. But, word got out and we humans tend to spread (and tweak) any promises of instant…

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Lead Generation: Why It’s Not Working

By Deana Goldasich

“How many leads did we get?” This question reflects the ultimate metric of success in B2B Marketing today. After all, if content, communication, distribution and marketing are a success, the leads surely follow — right? Actually…in an effort to stream in gazillions of leads, many teams lose sight of what actually matters — long-term conversion, loyalty and…

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B2B Buyers Have Changed.

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